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Mobile & Desktop Monetization Platform for Publishers

Build a real-time push subscriber list and send them personalized, compliant and brand-friendly third-party ads to maximize your revenue potential.

Compliance For You

All advertisers in the Subscribers Ad Network are compliant and vetted.

Review Process

All Ads go through a thorough review process to ensure your brand is never damaged.

Always Optimized

The power of our Subscribers machine learning technology will test new offers and send times to ensure you’re getting the most value possible.

Your Success Is Our Success

Payouts based on a revenue share plan, no upfront additional costs required.


Why Choose Subscribers Ad Network?

Non-intrusive formats

There is no need to place ads directly on the website. Users get ads via push ads after subscription.

Highest fill rates

Monetize 100% of your inventory at the competitive bids. We never run out of ads.

Expert support

Dedicated personal assistance at every stage: from installing the code to receiving payouts.


Frequently asked questions

Subscribers is great for bloggers, media/publishers, and anybody who runs native news ads on their website. You’ll benefit from Subscribers web push ads by earning income from clicks on push notifications sent to your subscribers even after leaving your website..

Nope. You can easily add Subscribers on your website without having to code anything. With a few clicks, you can set up and deliver high-converting web push notifications with Subscribers. There is no requirement to know any code. We’ve made it easy for everyone to create online web push notifications without the need of a developer.

Subscribers can be used on almost every website or CMS platform. The only condition is that you must have a website with the ability to add custom JavaScript in the body of your website’s pages. Subscribers offers the best WordPress push notification plugin on the market, seamlessly integrating Subscribers’ outstanding functionality with your self-hosted WordPress site.

We understand that website performance and speed are more essential than ever, therefore we’ve made Subscribers as light and quick as possible. It will never cause your site to become sluggish.

Currently, all major browsers offer web push notification support and Subscribers is always adding additional support and improving our support for existing integrations.

We have partnered with one of the largest ads provider, which would make sure that your subscribers would get the most relevant ads based on their past behaviour, their location etc.

The ad pushes look exactly like any other push notification you send to your subscribers. Push ads are the least intrusive way to serve ads.

No Upfront Cost Required, Start Today and Reach Your Monetization Potential.